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down[FREE] Adsmob.in adnetwork free script shared
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 08 April 03:54pm# 1
Rasel Rasel 
 C.E.O Founder
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Adsmob.in One of India’s fastest growing mobile advertising technology companies, Admobs works closely with India’s top advertisers and direct publishers to streamline and optimise the mobile marketing process to deliver true value to your business.

Admobs tie-ups offer us access to 25+ million smart phone users in India as we reimagine mobile advertising to create a brand experience that drives consumers to discover more, consume more and engage more.

Adsmob Features
1. Admobs direct deals marketplace
2. In-app native and video ads
3. Targeted ad placement
4. Dedicated account managers
5. Security
6. Premium AD partner
7. Fraud Control
8. Native Ads
9. Fully responsive & multiple layouts support
10. High compatibility with many fallback features for old browsers
11. Lazy loading images for better performance
12. Simple Installtions:

Download Script From Attachment
Upload On Your Host
Unzip Script
Edit Config.php Replace Your Site Name And Url,Title etc.
Rename Admin Panel Folder .

Enjoy the free script,please do not sell it.its only for personal use.

if you like the script please comment and share for support our site.

Thanks ?
 TipsJanBD Inc
 10 April 01:49pm# 2
MuchZakariya  MuchZakariya 
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Thanks for sharing, bro
 11 April 10:40am# 3
Malte Malte 
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Wow! Thanks @Rakib
 12 April 08:19pm# 4
admin120  admin120 
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 15 April 06:30pm# 5
brainbd  brainbd 
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