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down[DISCUSION] How to add a new site in Friend Site list in TipsJanBD.Com
How, to, add, a, new, site, in, Friend, Site, list, in, TipsJanBD.Com,
 14 May 12:39am# 1
brainbd  brainbd 
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Hope you are well by grace of Allah.

I am well too!

Welcome you to my post in tipsjanbd.com .

Today,I am goining to share thet how to add a new site in friend site list of tipsjanbd.com

We always see there in the home page of TipsJanBD.Com has a list of Friend Site.
Example: FtpBD.GA

Start work:

First click Here
Then,Enter your site link and your site discription.
Then,Click on submit.

On the new page you will get a html code in the text area.
Copy the code and paste into your site header.

You done well.
Now wait 24 hour.

Hope you can understand.

Thanks,Saty with TipsJanBD.Com

Edited Rasel (15 May 12:32pm) [1]
 15 May 12:16pm# 2
Malte Malte 
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Wow! Awesome post
 15 May 12:33pm# 3
Rasel Rasel 
 C.E.O Founder
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 TipsJanBD Inc
 17 May 03:23am# 4
brainbd  brainbd 
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Rasel, Bro,
Bosore 1 $ eee kono paid host paoya jabe??

1 $ yearly pack nibo,payment dibo paypal ee..

Kon site theke host nibo???
 17 May 01:58pm# 5
Rasel Rasel 
 C.E.O Founder
Post: 58
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no, you can get .1gb/month, for 1$
 TipsJanBD Inc
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