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down[SCRIPT] Water Mark Script
Water, Mark, Script,
 30 May 06:14am# 1
kmwap kmwap 
 Super Moderator
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You can add copyright text for your images without modifying the original image files.

You can watermark different type of images like JPEG, GIF, PNG based on your requirement.

This script helps to protects your web page from the image theft.

Enter your own link for the copyright of your image.

Script allows you to set position for your string.

It is completely responsive and easy to access.

 -={ KM }=-
 31 May 08:52am# 2
Rasel Rasel 
 C.E.O Founder
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 TipsJanBD Inc
 01 June 03:00pm# 3
Rakib Rakib 
 C.E.O Founder
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nc and tnx
 07 June 11:24pm# 4
Malte Malte 
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Uhm how to set it?
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